My name is Ula.
I’m a creative designer.
I deliver effective solutions.

Areas of expertise:

UI/UX design

Designing functional user interfaces and user experience

Package design

Creating product packaging that stands out on the market


Building powerful brand identity and visual communication

Print design

Designing books, brochures, and albums

What makes a good project?

A good project is an effective project: created with the users’ habits, problems, and needs in mind.
The most important elements of the process of creating a good and effective project are the following:

User needs analysis

Empathy – in-depth understanding of the users’ habits, problems, and needs – is the foundation for further work on a product or visual communication. I research user needs through observation, interviews, and analysis, in the context of particular functionalities.

Selection of tools

By identifying problems and selecting the best tools, I am able to meet the users’ expectations. Even the most expensive and fashionable solutions may prove ineffective if they don’t take user needs into consideration.

Prototype testing

Prototype testing and concept verification are crucial stages of the design process. They should involve real-life examples in specific environments. In other words, the idea should be tested wherever the product is meant to be used. Only if the concept proves successful at these stages, the process of implementation may begin.

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